These pieces will live long past the ever-changing ways in which
we view and store digital media.
You're not just looking for someone to snap some photos and send them your way unfinished. You want a memorable experience start to finish, something you will remember long after the session
is done. You want beautiful artwork in your home to showcase your family's experiences.

As a full-service studio, I offer my clients
so much more than just pictures. When you book a session with myself, you receive a one of a kind, complete portrait experience; one where you will walk away with beautiful imagery and have the option to choose from a selection of beautiful tangible heirlooms that will be passed down for generations.

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You're busy, you may not know what to wear and when it comes to printing your images you may feel overwhelmed about having to decide what to print, what size and where they will look their best. So the task sits on the back burner, often never to be done at all.
I do not want this for my clients and I take pride in offering so much more than you even knew you needed. Not only do I offer the highest quality prints and other heirloom products but I will even walk you through the process of sizing and display options,
and handle all the details for you!

My clients are family oriented, real, laid back,
not afraid to get silly and have a lot of fun during their sessions. They know the value of every moment life brings, how quickly the time passes and their children are growing and changing.

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I've always had a creative eye and see things in a different way. I grew up drawing and painting and then I discovered photography in my teens. I've always loved taking something from my mind and making it real and photography is all about creating. I cannot go into a home goods or DIY type store without seeing things I can use for a prop or put a baby in.

Growing up I always wanted to work with kids and I'm now 4 years in to owning a dayhome. I have been photographing newborns about 7 years now and working with children and families even longer.

I am a Lethbridge and area photographer
specializing in newborn, children and families

my name is Melony



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